He had it coming.
He only had himself to blame.
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I miss watching the muggle tv shows with my grandma…


I miss her…

I love Muggle TV shows! Especially the really old ones in Black and White.

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Hi everyone


Afternoon, Belle.

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Drinks | D’Arcy & Henry.


Truth. That sounded like a horrible game in all honesty. Hopper knew there were certain things he’d lie about until the day he died. These lies were second nature to him now, hell even he almost believed them. Aside from those couple of moments of dishonesty, though, he’d do his best to tell D’Arcy the truth. Granted, she probably wouldn’t be able to tell when he was lying or when he was telling the truth, especially since the two hadn’t really hung out since that one summer, so very long ago. To be perfectly honest, since Hopper was going to have to start that, he expected a drinking game, but perhaps this could have some potential.

Henry waited for the lovely D’Arcy to start. It seemed as if she had a little plot in mind as she made her way over to his spot of the bed. He turned to look at her as their shoulders now graced each other, wondering what exactly she was going to ask. Hopper had to resist the urge to laugh at D’Arcy’s silly question and instead allowed a smirk. Her breath actually smelled pretty damn good, a lovely mixture of spearmint and alcohol, with just the faintest hint of coconut. However on her, it smelled good, no matter how much coconut revolted the Waters boy. Leaning in even closer, because of course Henry could not be outdone by D’Arcy, he whispered “Yes, yes it does.”

Now it was his turn to ask a question. Really, what could he do to push the envelope? Hopper decided that if he ever really wanted or needed to know something from Bored, he’d just up and ask her. He didn’t need this game as an excuse. So instead Henry placed his hand on the inside of her thigh, “Now love, are you nervous?”

D’Arcy wasn’t really a liar. She just chose not to tell anyone anything. Ask and you shall receive, for lack of a better phrase. She kept her comments to herself mostly. Some would consider her a fake in all honesty. She spent most of her time trying to “fit in" with her own family. She did things specifically to make life easier for herself and, if it worked, those around her. Like the stupid thing… she was actually fairly intellegent. Her grades were above average while Azalea’s were below and Camille’s were extremely below. Which was just another thing no one knew about her. She was also quiet compared to the racket of her twins. Everyone knew when they were coming, Azalea and Camille. While D’Arcy hung back. Out of sight, out of mind.

And then there was Gaston. She was about as repulsed by him as anyone could be. But she would pretend to be fascinated simply because if she gave him an attitude she would receive a hex from his direction and wide-eyed disbelief from her sisters. “Good,” she winked. She didn’t move away after he answered her question. Instead she brought the bottle back to her lips, relaxing her body. D’Arcy watched him from the corner of her eye, her lids shaded. Only the tiniest amount of blue could be seen there. She could almost feel the gears working in his head as he fought for an adequate question. When his hand grazed the inside of her leg a jolt when up her back. But she didn’t react to it, she remained a mask of calm. Even though her skin grew warm against his palm she propped up on one elbow and placed her finger on the base of his neck.

A husky laugh rattled in her throat as she ran her finger the length of his collar bone. “You’d be surprised how unabashed I can be.” She gave him a cheeky half-smile. “Your turn, love.” She tilted her head defining the natural pout to her lips as she tilted her head down, her lashes casting shadows on her cheeks and her hair falling around her face like a silk curtain. “Vous etes nerveux?”

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Drinks | D’Arcy & Henry.


Hopper chuckled at her comment. The girl had been just moments before about to fall asleep in his bed, he shook his head as he laughed. Darcy, was she just as confounding as ever. He opened his bottle and took a swig before responding. With some of that liquid courage flowing through his veins, he’d open up a bit more. Not that Hopper wasn’t always comfortable to be his rude, douche self; he was just uncomfortable to be nice guy Henry Waters. Except around D’Arcy, it seemed. “Here, here. Sleep is for the weak.” Henry took up another drink of his alcohol before he leaned back on his bed to get comfortable.

A smile beamed from Hopper’s face as he watched D’Arcy drink her alcohol. Inwardly he cringed a bit as he imagined the coconut taste tainting the alcohol. What a shame. His smile turned into a quizzical frown as he wondered what in the name of Merlin could be so entertaining about his ceiling, let alone how it could inspire any sort of game. Henry couldn’t lie, though, D’Arcy had him intrigued. Any game she could come up with, combined with alcohol and his lack of clothing, had to be fun now, didn’t it? Hopper leaned back on his elbows he smirked over at the lovely blonde draped across his bed, “Of course I’d love to play a game, Bored,” flashing his signature smirk and a wink he continued, “Just don’t be upset when I win.” 

D’Arcy laughed raising her bottle as he did, “Here, here!” They clinked and she took another long swig. It burned her throat and turned warm in her belly but was followed by a tingling feeling just under the surface of her skin. She exhaled contently as the feeling took over her body. D’Arcy sat the bottle on her stomach, her fingers curled loosely around its neck. She arched an eyebrow, “We’ll see.” She drummed her fingers. “It’s called Truth. I’ll ask you a question, you answer it and ask one back. You can’t lie though.” She laughed, “I mean it! If you lie bad things happen. It’s like breaking a mirror or walking under a latter.” Her eyes were wide as she feigned terror, “It’s for real.” Then she dropped the look and smiled simply, “I’ll go first.”

D’Arcy tilted her head, trying to think of a good starter question for Hopper. He wasn’t going to get her normal, easy ‘What’s your favorite color?' They were far beyond that. On a whim, she turned her head and grinned. She scooted closer to him until their shoulders were pressed together and leaned in. Her grin grew wider in an instant and a laugh escaped her. She blew in his face. “Does my breath smell like coconut?”

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Drinks | D’Arcy & Henry.


Hopper watched as D’Arcy threw the bottles across the room. Coconut. He shook his head as he shut the door and followed her into the room, watching as she threw herself on his bed. Really, Henry shouldn’t be as surprised as he was that she’d bring only alcohol she’d enjoy. He of course though had his own stash in his trunk. He had to make a special trip down to Hogsmeade the other day after he depleted said stash while listening to that forsaken howler from his father.

Hopper looked down at himself. He had completely forgotten that he answered the door in his boxers, not that he would’ve put on more clothing had he remembered. Usually Henry would be rude if any such comment about his alone time was made, but for some reason he found it almost impossible to be rude towards D’Arcy. Rolling his eyes and attempting to hide his chuckling, Hopper went to his trunk and grabbed the first pair of pants he could find. They turned out to be an old pair of basketball shorts he realized as he shrugged them on. Part of him wanted to leave them off and continue to make D’Arcy uncomfortable, as he loved to make any and all situations, but he knew that would just incite a game of strip something. To be honest, one fake fetus of his was enough. Who knew if he’d feel that after he had a little firewhiskey in him? Once again, Henry dug around his clatter trunk for his alcohol. Once the bottle was in hand, he jumped at the foot of the bed, joining D’Arcy. “The only thing you were interrupting love was my sleep routine.” He ended the sentence with a wink.

D’Arcy had a feeling he would have his own goods stash somewhere in his room. Who didn’t, honestly? D’Arcy had to hold back her laughter. Clearly, he wanted to say something provocative but just couldn’t bring himself to do it. She wasn’t complaining. However, she didn’t want him to hold back around her. She wasn’t uncomfortable, she shouldn’t be either. So as he put his shorts on, she grinned and laid back down in his bed. She put her hands behind her head and propped her feet up on one of the posts. There was a natural arch to her back, her legs were gracefully long, and his big bed made her already  unusually small frame look even smaller.

D’Arcy wiggled around a bit, “Your bed is comfortable.” She closed her eyes and listened as he rummaged through his trunk. When she bounced slightly from his weight being added to the mattress, she opened her eyes. Laughing slightly, she reached over and grabbed one of her bottles. “Who needs sleep.” She put the bottle between her knees and propped up on her elbow, opening it one-handed. Her eyes found his as she lifted it to her lips and drank. After a solid swallow she brought it down and tilted her head, looking up at the ceiling. “Lets play a game.”

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Drinks | D’Arcy & Henry.


Hopper had been enjoying his day, for once. It was nice that he finally told someone, at least a little bit, about the Henrietta situation. He really should listen to Aurora more often; he was a good guy when it came down to it. Although that wasn’t something he wanted throughout the castle. Henry still found that hard to believe, that he was the good guy his mother had always wanted him to be. She wanted him to be more like his brother, Molt, while his father tried to drive into him the cold, harsh blood purist ways of the Waters family. In Hopper’s mind, his father had long since succeeded.

Back to how Hopper had had a good day, he was actually getting ready to hit the hay, wanting to end the day on a good note. Glad to have his dorm to himself, Hopper was down to his boxers as he walked out of the bathroom, teeth brushed and all. That was when he heard the knock at his door. He’d murder if it was some worthless younger year boy requesting help. No one bothered the seventh year boys, of course except for the seventh year girls. Answering the door and ready to bite off the person’s head, Hopper’s angry facial expression quickly fell as he noticed the lovely D’Arcy. Not only was a gorgeous, head turning pureblood lady at his door, but she was requesting a drink with him. Today was just his day, wasn’t it? “I’ll have to warn you, Bored, I don’t have anything coconut flavored.” He winked after his response, while in his head he wanted to add “except in my pants”, but he’d never be so rude to D’Arcy, one of his oldest female friends.

D’Arcy laughed, “I guess it’s a good thing I do them.” She took out the two bottles from her pocket and tossed them. They grew to their normal sizes midair and landed on her palms easily. She smiled, satisfied. One was ocean blue with a full moon on the front of it, the other was white with palm trees and a glowing sunset. “Both coconut.” She grinned up at him, “Both mine.” She pranced into his room on her tiptoes and sat the bottles on his dresser. She spun around once, her hair gliding out around her shoulders before falling back on his bed.

"How was your day?" She asked casually as she propped up on one elbow. D’arcy flicked a piece of hair out of her face, her brow furrowed at her wild waves. She long since stopped trying to tame them. She looked at Hopper, just now realizing he was in his skivvies. She laughed loudly, throwing her head back. Her long hair splayed across his bed as she laid flat on her back, her arms above her head. "Am I interrupting something?" She stood up coming face to face with him. D’Arcy was tall for her age but he was still almost a head taller than her. She smiled at that. Normally she was either looking straight ahead, or straight down. It was almost refreshing to have to look up at someone.

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